Unlock the Walking Dead with VOX Collectibles: NFTs You Can’t Miss!

• VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead is an Ethereum-based NFT collection with 8,087 items.
• It has a total of 2928 owners since its release 333 days ago.
• The market capitalization of the collection is 1,972.20 ETH and it has been traded at an average price of 0.65 ETH (~$1,055.93).


VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead is an Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) collection launched in March 2022 with 8,087 items viewable on OpenSea. With 333 days since its release as of writing this article, the collection has attracted a total of 2928 owners and has achieved a market capitalization of 1,972.20 ETH from 3,506 collections sales at an average price of 0.65 ETH (~$1,055.93). The floor price for the NFTs in the VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead collection is 0.2587225 while its 30-day trading volume stands at 16.10 ETH with payment tokens being ETH, WETH, USDC and GALA respectively.

Why Some NFTs Are Expensive

Due to the infancy stage that blockchain technology and Non Fungible Tokens are currently in means there is no historical data that can be used to determine their exact value or worth yet which makes it difficult to understand why some NFTs are expensive and others not so much so. However early adopters who had first mover advantage often tend to have more legitimacy because they had a chance to improve upon issues that have plagued certain NFT projects thus making them more valuable than newer projects coming out later on down the line who may only be doing it for their own greed or exploitation purposes without actually having any real value behind them whatsoever giving them virtually zero worth or value in comparison to other established ones already existing within the market space today .

Is VOX Collectibles Overpriced/Underpriced?

It’s hard to tell whether VOX Collectibles: The Walking Dead is overpriced or underpriced as we don’t have enough data points yet since it’s such a new emerging market but ultimately how the project develops and gets promoted will play a huge part in determining what kind of prices these NFTs will go for moving forward once things settle down further down the line when more people begin investing into these types of digital assets regularly .


In conclusion we can see that although there isn’t much historical data present yet when discussing Non Fungible Token prices due to them still being very new within our current blockchain ecosystem , certain established projects have clearly garnered more legitimacy over time through taking advantage of first mover advantage and by improving upon issues that plagued earlier generations giving them an edge over newer opportunistic projects looking take advantage from all the current hype around this booming marketplace . As far as determining whether these particular collectibles from VOX Collectibles:The Walking Dead are priced correctly , only time will truly tell as we wait for further developments within this space before any solid conclusions can be made regarding their true worth or value moving forward .